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Dream #127

So I'm at a port. And there's lots of people. A ship is coming in, and it's sinking. The people get out, but they technically can't enter the territory, so they're forced to sit there in the water until someone comes for them. Then miraculously, the 'time' of the boat is reversed, causing it to 'unsink' or something. So everyone's okay, and they can leave. The boat is gigantic. There's an entire mall-like structure inside. So I get on and hang out with people I know whom were on it.

Dream #126

So I'm driving into a town during springtime. It's a little windy, but it's in what appears to be the town square of sorts. There's a park in the middle, then there's a city hall on one side, a K-12 grade school on the opposite side, stores on the third side, and across from that on the final side is a few apartment buildings. I have apparently come to town to visit my best friend LB. She's in school, but it's the afternoon, so it'll let out soon. I check out the apartment buildings, because she's supposed to live there. I find her address compared to what I wrote down (I guess she told me or something) and I knock. I ask if the man at the door is LB's dad, and apparently it is. He told me school will be letting out shortly, and suggested I wait at the school and meet up with her when it lets out. He said she'd come out with her sister. So I waited around in the part till it's time. Sure enough, school lets out and there's a hundred-something students walking all over. I see LB, and she does a double-take, and she's like "Oh god, I didn't even recognize you! Hey!" and then her sis is all "Jeez, you don't recognize your best friend?" And I guess I find it funny because I laugh. And then we go to her apartment and apparently I brought them jelly beans. I don't remember much beyond that. Except I think I dropped the bag of jelly beans when it was open and her sister yelled at me. Thassit.

Dream #125

I was at a friend's place, and for whatever reason I had to use the bathroom and theirs wasn't available. So I walked up the street hoping someone wasn't home to use theirs. As it turns out someone was home, and it was an old friend of mine's house. I saw her sister and her sister's friend inside, wondered where she was, and then I figured I'd go down the street to my home to go. And then I caught someone jogging down the street and as it turned out it was her, my old friend. She asks what I've been up to, I don't respond with more than "Not much." She was being awfully friendly for someone she hasn't spoken to in over a year. I was kind of angry, but she wasn't, so I dropped my anger because I didn't see a reason to be if she wasn't. So we talked about stuff and how I've had dreams with her in them, and how they all ended with me dying a slow and painful death or something in each of them. And then she's like "Oh my, that's terrible! Well, we should hang out more so you don't have such horrible dreams!" or something along those lines. And then I remember falling in a snowbank. I don't think it killed me. I just fell and the dream ended.

Dream #124

I was in a classroom with a full group of people. In and out people were going. We weren't allowed to leave because of the harsh weather. Luckily I had a few friends in there to play games with. So we do for awhile. Then we go to the other side of the room. And as we do, the ceiling is torn apart with a windstorm. Leaves much devastation. Everyone who moved to the side is safe. The rest weren't...

Dream #123

It started in an apartment. A man dressed in funny clothing asked me to write down questions about the world I had just visited. So I had to think back. And then I thought about it and ended up back where I had been. It was a forest, with little cabins, and the treetops made it a bit dark. I was with a little talking robot. He was trying to find a safe way to escape from the "beast". The beast was large and brown, with no fur, but many eyes. And when it was asleep or had it's eyes closed, it looked dead. All I remember is hiding behind furniture I had found to watch the beast from afar.

Dream #122

I was in an "underground" city. It was kind of overcast. Started out with me helping some next door neighbors move in. Found some neat stuff when I was putting things where they were supposed to be. Then when I'm bringing stuff downstairs, I find a stairwell. So, being curious, I go down there and find another apartment. But it's weird because when I look outside in this apartment, it's on a hill, where the house upstairs was on flat ground completely around. So I find people I know, and I ask them what's going on, and one of them invites me to eat or something because I "finally made it to the party." So I get a little confused and I find out after going out the back door of this apartment that we're in an abandoned city. There's a train station and a bunch of people. An older woman tells me if I'm waiting for the train it's futile because it won't come. So I start to walk down the tracks and I think the dream ends.

Dream #121

I was a girl for whatever reason. Me, another girl, and two guys stumbled upon a fenced in base of sorts with a hotel inside and several surveillance buildings and a mess hall. Upon entrance we asked around about the place. One of the guys noticed the gate was locked tight and there were no other exits. He was telling us there's a reason people can't leave here. So immediately we try to search for clues. We go to the health clinic and I ask the doctor about diseases people carry on the base. He gets angry and says "Don't ask me things like that!" and storms out. We find ventilation in the office. The girl and I climb through the vent while the boys go off to find clues elsewhere. When we get to the end of the vent, we find ourselves in one of the hotel rooms. We leave the hotel and meet up with the boys in the mess hall. They find more ventilation, and I tell them how I don't want to climb through any more ducts, and how they were small and it got my dress all dirty. I don't remember much beyond that.

Dream #120

I'm on my street, but things are a little off. Downstairs in my house, lights don't function that well a door is closer than it normally is. Outside, it is always cloudy. And early in the dream, there is neon green graffiti on the road, saying stupid stuff. Later I "have to go to school", so I get ready really early for some reason. My mom's car and my car are gone. So I have to wait till my car is returned to go anywhere. So I take a walk to explore around. There are children living in each house. As things go on, light shines from the cloudy layer. But as that happens, the graffiti on the ground gets more distorted, all mentioning a grim reaper. Where there were cracks on the road, now looks more like lacerations. The cracks had red stains on them, almost like cuts in the road rather than just cracking. I returned home after getting freaked out. There was a bright clear sphere above my house where a lot of light was coming from. So I went inside and took a nap.

Dream #119

I was visiting a manor, apparently belonging to a relative of mine. I'm younger, and my sister and some guy are younger and with me too. We are scared of the stories about the man who went around killing everyone in the manor once a long time ago. We feel trapped, and I make a comment saying something like "Someone has to be with me at all times, I don't want to get killed while I'm alone." And so then we all play video games and the thoughts of the murderer are still in my head. The adults said "Oh, yes. All the horror stories you heard about the mansion are true." And it left an uneasy feeling in me. I thought I saw someone round a corner, the person for whatever reason was blurred in mosaic censorship. He was dripping blood. Maybe bleeding.

Dream #118

I was in the basement of some facility. Everything was covered in a light-blue paint. The brick walls, the doors, the support beams, not the floor though. There was a big cut-off area in the middle so the room was kind of in an arc despite being a pretty big room. I go to the end and find a bunch of people I recognize, including two friends of mine. A tall man in camo, and a short red-haired girl. They came together apparently. Someone from one of the doors (apparently an office) comes out and tells everyone they need to be in groups of two or three. I figure my friends wanted to be with each other, so I kind of hide in the middle of the crowd of people and wait for someone to come to me, or be forced to join a group, as I used to. Somehow, the red-haired girl finds me and attempts to entice me to join their group. So I do, reluctantly. There are large steel trays of ice cubes and a liquid, divided into three parts. One red, one blue, and one purple. I end up on the red portion, and we're told by the officer to consume some of this liquid. When we start, I have trouble getting some in the container provided. When I finally do, I fall to the ground, twitching, asking for help. No one hears me. I don't even think anyone sees me on the ground. I guess it ended there.


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